Membership Qualifications

Membership in the association is open to individuals who are in a management position at a membership based club. New members, otherwise known as Provisional members receive all CMAA member benefits except the right to vote and hold elected office. Provisional members qualify for active status after 12 months of membership in the Association and the accumulation of 15 CMAA Education credits (CMI & Chapter Education). 

Club professionals start the membership process with their local CMAA chapter. Once elected into chapter membership, the individual simultaneously becomes a member of the national organization (this is a requirement of the Associationís bylaws.) 

Interested in learning more about membership? Contact the Arkansas Razorback Chapter at [email protected].

                                                          CMAA New Recruitment Efforts

The National Board has approved the following to make recruitment and retention easier for state chapters such as ours:

  • Effective August 1, 2011 the $100 National Admin fee has been waived.
  • Each new member that joins during the month of August will receive a complimentary Education Only badge to the 85th World Conference in New Orleans (or future World Conference with an expiration date of 2015 Non Transferable).
  • Effective September 1, 2011 CMAA will implement a step membership where a new or rejoining member's dues rates will be $500, second year dues will be $650 and the third year dues will be at the prevailing rate. This is a national new member dues structure, with local chapter dues remaining at the chapter's discretion. (Reinstating members are not eligible for this new member rate).
  • National is also offering an eight (8) month payment option for CMAA National Membership Renewals (November - June and will include a premium). Details may be found at